Fàbrica de cartró Fábrica de cartón Shank board factory

The company

The Factory of 100% recycled compact cardboard. Produces compact cardboard of all colours, special cardboard, painted, polished, engraved, dielectric and compressed cardboard. Cardboard for the shoe industry (shoe support and patterns), textile, automobile and for trays o pastry shop. Gramages from 500 to 4000g/m2.


Pere Pons S.A. manufacture different kinds of cardboard/shank board for:
Food Industry
Office material
Pleated buffs



PERE PONS S.A. has participated in the Lineapelle Fair held in Milan, Italy and has been supported by ICEX, as well as with the co-financing of European Funds ERDF, having contributed to their economic growth, the economic growth of this company, their region and of Spain as a whole.

European Regional Development Fund
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Pere Pons, S.A. Manufacturer of Shankboard for footwear in Barcelona, has obtained the Authorized Exporter Certificate n. ES / 08/0597/15 granted by the Customs Department of the Tax Agency, thus fulfilling the requirement that the manufacture and the main raw materials of its product be or be manufactured within the Spanish state, giving as an example the main raw material for the manufacture of cardboard, Kraft Recycled paper purchased from a supplier in Paterna (Valencia), and thus the rest materials used for manufacturing.



Lineapelle Fair Spring Primavera 2015

PERE PONS, S.A. was at Lineapelle Fair Milano (Italy)