Fàbrica de cartró Fábrica de cartón Shank board factory


Pere Pons, S.A. has made a big investment to become a top leading company in the footwear sector. We are a strong competitor in the European market and nowadays we are selling our goods all around the world.

Thanks to SATRA laboratories, Pere Pons has created an extensive range with varieties of qualities which cover all needs of shoes manufacturers (Shank board). All of them, without any exception, are 100% recyclable and they do not contain any dangerous component (also certified by TÜV laboratoriess from South Asia).

The qualities are divided in two big groups, thin (in the upper part of the insole) and basic (in the lower part).

THIN BASE QUALITY (0,8mm y 1mm)

Vulcanized recyclable cardboard similar to fibre.



Red Extra Plus
Maximum density, high stregth.



Extra thin Brown and Black
Combination of flexibility as well as rigidity at an inexpensive price.





high quality shankboard cardboard


BASIC QUALITIES (1,3 a 3,25mm)

Red Extra Plus
High quality at maximum density, low water absorption.



Brown Extra
High density with good strenght between layers and manufactured with the essential components.



Red Premium Plus
Low density maximum quality.



Premium Black
Specially created for footwear design



Standard Brown
Best cardboard on the market in terms of price and quality.



high rigidity cardboard 


Shankboard Earth
Does not absorve water, furthermore it has got a relative superior hummidity.



Considered by experts as the best cardboard manufacturated under the traditional methods with almost no of absortion.



water resistant